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The #BaumSquad Tustin Orthodontist Family

Our roots in this community go much deeper than location of our Tustin, CA orthodontics office. Like you, our live in this area, even grew up here. We’re invested in the well being of the people that live here not just because many of them are our patients, but because they’re also our neighbors, friends and coworkers. We want you to feel as comfortable in our office as you would in a family member’s house!

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Patient Testimonials

Don’t Take Our Word For It – See Why Our Patients Say we’re “The Baum” at Baum Orthodontics:

I will be bringing all of my kids here. What an amazing place. Super awesome staff that is always smiling and always friendly. Dr. Baum really cares about everyone that walks through his door.

Kyle Bagley, Google Review

“I love love love this place!  Dr Baum is amazing… He is always in a good mood and ready to help. From the initial consultation… to ensuring patient satisfaction, they are truly the best! Thank you Dr Baum and team!!!”

Jane Ha, Yelp Review

“Dr. Baum’s office is the bomb…literally. The office is very fun and engaging for kids and teens like me! Dr.Baum never ceases to amaze me, so keep doing what you guys are doing.”

Logan Blachowski, Patient Hub

“Wow. What an experience! Love everything about Dr. Baum and his amazing staff! It actually makes the process of getting braces super fun and something to look forward to!  And the point system is super cool (second to the candy jars of course). ”

Emily Thornton, Patient Hub

“I have only came here for 2 appointments, but I LOVE it here. Everyone is soooo nice and kind here.”

Makenna Clawson, Patient Hub

Why Is Baum Orthodontics The Most Trusted In Tustin?

With so many Tustin orthodontists to choose from, finding the ideal option for your needs might be easier said than done. Here at Baum Orthodontics, we strive ourselves on being the very best option for anyone with orthodontic needs. We will discuss some of the reasons why Baum Orthodontics is the single most trusted orthodontic provider in Tustin!

Reasons To Go With Baum Orthodontics:

1. Specialization.

One of the main things that you are going to want to factor into your decision would be finding orthodontists with proper specialization. Depending on your specific orthodontic needs, you might require particular specialty. For instance, if you are looking for Invisalign, not only do you need to find someone that offers it, but you need to find someone that has the required experience needed to help provide you with the assurance that they will be able to handle your specific orthodontic case. We offer specialization in a variety of areas of orthodontics Tustin. We pride ourselves on being platinum Invisalign providers as well. Meaning, we handle a large volume of Invisalign patients and have the required experience to help our patients feel as comfortable as possible with us offering them guidance and full treatment.

2. Free Consultation.

Whenever you are seeking an orthodontist Tustin, you will want to place a significant value on finding a provider that is going to offer you a full free consultation. Before deciding whether or not you are going to opt for a specific treatment with an orthodontist, you want to consult with them. They will be able to offer you the proper professional opinion, and they will be able to go through your specific best-case options. This will also allow you to meet with the orthodontist and their respective staff to ensure that you are going to be comfortable committing to the orthodontic treatment they suggest. Any reputable orthodontist in Tustin is going to offer you a complete and free consultation to ensure that you are entirely satisfied with proceeding. Here at Baum Orthodontics, you are going to get a free consultation which should allow you to get completely comfortable with our entire staff and it will help put your mind at ease knowing that you are in Tustin’s most trusted hands.

3. Treatment Options.

There are different approaches to treating various issues relating to orthodontics. Therefore, no matter the problem, you should be presented with available options that you can choose from. It is best to avoid any orthodontist that tries to shoe-horn you into a specific treatment option based on the relative cost. We offer unbiased opinions to each of our patients, and we understand there are different ways to solve various issues. We do our best to present our patients with all of their available options, and we offer our professional opinion on which option would yield the best results.

4. Affordable Treatment.

Another big thing that is likely going to influence your choice would be whether or not you can get affordable treatment at the respective orthodontist Tustin. We promise to offer affordable treatment to all of our patients. We not only keep our prices affordable, but we also offer interest-free extended financing to our patients on all of our treatment plans. This means that you are going to be able to get the proper treatment that you need for optimal dental health without having to overpay for it.

5. Insurance.

Baum Orthodontists® know how important it is for our patients to have their insurance accepted. This is why we take all major PPO insurance plans.

6. Best Technology.

Another big thing that you are likely going to be interested in when you are looking for the right orthodontist to choose to handle orthodontic issues would be whether or not they have access to the latest and greatest technology within the industry. Here at Baum, we have access to the best and most advanced orthodontic technology which allows us to solve our patient’s issues as quickly as possible. We know how important it is to keep the entire treatment as convenient as possible for our patients. Because we can offer such efficiency treatment, you won’t consistently have to come to our office for check-ups as you would with an orthodontist without access to advanced technology.

We truly believe we are the best orthodontist Tustin. If you are looking for the best orthodontic advice and care, request a complimentary consultation with us today.

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